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Dharma Talks
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2020-03-04 A Wise Approach To Pain and Discomfort 22:58
Matthew Hepburn
Meditation instructions on how to continue developing wisdom and compassion through mindfulness of the body - even in experience of pain and discomfort.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center The Seven Factors of Awakening: Insight Meditation Retreat

2020-03-02 Dukkha Dukkha: the Suffering of Unpleasant Experiences. 53:06
Rebecca Bradshaw
This talk explores both physical and emotional suffering in the form of unpleasant experiences, giving detailed explanations on how to be with these with mindfulness. It also explores where real suffering is and how we can experience freedom even when life is unpleasant or painful.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge March 2020 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2020-02-16 Three Kinds of Dukkha (Suffering) 61:02
Rebecca Bradshaw
The Suffering of painful, pleasant, and neutral experiences and the freedom of letting go
Twin Cities Vipassana Collective Winter 2020

2020-02-14 Vedana-The 2nd Foundation of Mindfulness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 64:34
Tempel Smith
In every moment of subjective experience there is a quality of pleasure, displeasure or neutrality. Bring mindfulness to the quality of Vedana trains us how not to add suffering when pain arises or pleasure fades.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Monthlong

2020-02-14 Q&A 1 64:12
Ajahn Sucitto
Physical pain; draining tension through the body; meeting the agitation of being on retreat; dealing with demons and emotional chaos; are liberation practices and goodwill compatible; is goodwill readily available through study and reflection; what thoughts to let pass, what to examine; definition and experience of full knowing; is noting necessary for Vipassana?
Buddhist Retreat Center, Ixopo, South Africa :  Ajahn Sucitto, Firm Center Open Heart Retreat

2020-02-13 Pain, as Void and as Sacrament 2:34:37
Rob Burbea
CRUCIAL NOTE: It is highly unlikely that this talk will be properly or adequately understood without a prior very good working familiarity and competence – both in actual practice and conceptually – with Soulmaking Dharma teachings and practices, as well as with Insight Meditation. Without this background it may be that the talk will in fact be misunderstood, and it is unlikely that the talk will be helpful. Please note too that much of the material in this series of talks (In Psyche’s Orchard) is based on or continues explorations of material laid out in a particular previous series (Four Circles, Four Parables of Stone and Light). In Psyche’s Orchard was recorded by Rob at his home.
Gaia House In Psyche's Orchard

2020-02-11 Day 10 Afternoon Instructions: Practicing Forgiveness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 44:54
Tempel Smith
As we further open our hearts to include even difficult people, it is very helpful to learn how to practice forgiveness. Often when deeply hurt our hearts hold resentments and yearn for accountability before it would be willing to risk opening again. And yet when others feel out resentment, judgment and the need for accountability they too shut down defensively. Starting with a good friend whom you have a history of love and trust, or even your companion animals, you can build a path of forgiveness. Some times we will never get full accountability, yet we can move beyond the pain of resentment to heal ourselves here and now.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Monthlong

2020-02-08 How to Sustain an Open Heart 66:54
Ajahn Sucitto
We can notice where we add stress to an already painful, difficult situation. The cause is tanhā and upādāna, craving and clinging. Use meditation to review the craving mind and feel the feeling without closing around it. The duty of the heart is to allow phenomena to arise and pass away.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart

2020-02-08 Day Seven Morning Instructions: Resting Wakefully in Breath & Body (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:01
Tempel Smith
With the further settling of the mind we can deepen our intimacy with the breath and body. From a wakeful connection to the body and a sense of happiness we can explore areas of pain and mental activity. With the calming of mental activity we open to deeper samadhi.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Monthlong

2020-02-05 Embodied Presence (Part 2) - Planting our Roots in the Universe 48:22
Tara Brach
In describing our human predicament and dis-ease, D.H. Lawrence says we are like a great tree with our roots in the air. We need to replant ourselves—in our bodies, hearts and spirit. These two talks are guides to replanting ourselves. In Part 1, we explore how we are so often dissociated from the life of our body, and the pathways home. Part 2 looks at the challenges of pain, fear and trauma, and how we can gradually and skillfully reconnect with a wholeness of being.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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