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Dharma Talks
2021-02-21 Question and Answer Session 25:06
Gina Sharpe
All retreatants names or 'live' questions asked by retreatants have been removed from the recordings on this retreat.
Gaia House Meeting Life's Ups and Downs

2021-02-21 Mudita - The Joyful Heart 50:41
Yuka Nakamura
Mudita means appreciative or sympathetic joy and is the third of the four Brahmaviharas, the boundless qualities of the heart and mind. It stands for our ability to appreciate and delight in what is good and beautiful in our own being and in the world. It inspires and uplifts the heart and purifies it from unwholesome states.
Bodhi College

2021-02-21 Think Of This Life As A Past Life 33:59
Ajahn Punnadhammo
Arrow River Forest Hermitage

2021-02-22 Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness of the Body, Week 7: Contemplating the Impermanence of the Body - Meditation 48:15
Mark Nunberg
Common Ground Meditation Center Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness of the Body, Winter 2021

2021-02-22 Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness of the Body, Week 7: Contemplating the Impermanence of the Body - Talk 43:21
Mark Nunberg
Common Ground Meditation Center Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness of the Body, Winter 2021

2021-02-24 IMS Daily Dharma, Feb 24 2021 20:22
Chas DiCapua
Mindfulness Infused with Lovingkindness
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center IMS Daily Dharma 2021

2021-02-24 32 Parts of the Body—Head hair, Body hair, Nails, Teeth, Skin, Flesh, Sinews, Bones, Bone Marrow, Kidneys, Heart, Liver, Diaphragm, Spleen, Lungs, Large Intestines, Small Intestines, Stomach, Feces, Brain, Brain, Feces, Stomach, Small Intestines, Large Intestines, Lungs, Spleen, Diaphragm, Liver, Heart, Kidneys, Bone Marrow, Bones, Sinews, Flesh, Skin, Teeth, Nails, Body Hair, Head Hair 65:02
Bob Stahl
Guest teachers Robin MacFarland and Tufumoena’i Lesu’i from the Cabrillo College Anatomy lab taught today’s class. They offered an anatomy presentation. We are happy to announce a special opportunity to practice the 32 Parts of the Body meditation, which is rarely taught in the West. This practice deepens insight into impermanence and non-self by penetrating into the true nature and wonders of the body. We will also explore how the body interrelates with the four primary elements of earth (solidity), air (motion), fire (temperature), and water (liquidity). This methodical practice of the 32 Parts of the Body Meditation can build immense levels of concentration, potentialities for healing, and experience the taste of deep freedom and peace. This is the 15th year of offering this class at Insight Santa Cruz and it has been truly wonderful. People have frequently reported developing a whole new relationship to their bodies with greater wisdom and compassion. We will also be hopefully doing a tour of the Cabrillo Anatomy lab to get a deeper experience of the body.
Insight Santa Cruz

2021-02-24 Opening to Lingering in Happiness 46:56
Nathan Glyde
Meditation as the cultivation of wellbeing, or attuning to or supporting the coming into being of pleasure. Muditā as a way of relating well with appreciation and joy. And enriching and absorbing into harmony and happiness in samādhi.
SanghaSeva Lingering in Happiness

2021-02-24 Meditation: Continuous Space Suffused with Awareness 18:38
Tara Brach
By learning to inhabit the body, we discover the space and aliveness that fills the universe. In this meditation we are guided through the body, filling different domains with presence. We then open into the continuous awake space that is both within and surrounds the body. When we notice the mind drifts, we relax back to be that awake space, aware of the changing flow of sensations, thoughts, feelings and sounds.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2021-02-24 Namaste: Seeing the Truth of Who We Are 59:18
Tara Brach
A gift of evolving consciousness is the capacity to recognize and honor the sacred awareness that lives through our own and all beings. This capacity is blocked by our identification with our “mask” or ego self, and not seeing past other people’s masks. In this talk we reflect together on some key filters of superior/inferior and good/bad that shape the trance of a narrowed identity, and then explore how mindfulness and kindness free us to inhabit the vastness of our natural awareness. We close with tasting the possibility of bringing the spirit of Namaste to ourselves, others and all beings.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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