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Amita Schmidt's Dharma Talks
Amita Schmidt
Amita Schmidt is a licensed clinical social worker with a focus on trauma and meditation. She was the resident teacher at Insight Meditation Society from 2000-2006. She is the author of "Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master." She also has practiced with Adyashanti, a teacher of non-dual awareness.
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2023-09-24 Debilitating Self Doubt 4:33
If you have incessant or debilitating doubts here are a few strategies, including how to see/work with it as a part, and help update this part. Also includes a brief description about what Dipa Ma did for students.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2023-09-24 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Dharma 45:28
It's important to have an orienting principle for Artificial Intelligence or AI. This talk will help you find an orienting principle, as well as give you tools and practices to use during times of great change.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2023-05-26 The No Self Strategy of the Buddha 46:20
The no self strategy of the Buddha is a tool for awakening. This talk includes a reflection on the 5 aggregates (5 characteristics that create the illusion of a self), as well as some daily micro practices/reflections to decrease the attachment to a separate self.
Insight San Diego
2023-01-29 Vertical Dharma and The Four Reflections 42:33
This talk explains the difference between horizontal verses vertical dharma practice. The talk also explores "The Four Reflections," or lojong teachings to inspire your sitting and daily life practice. These include reflections on precious human birth, impermanence/death, suffering, and karma.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2023-01-29 Below the Waves Meditation 8:26
A unique vertical, guided meditation for dropping below your thinking, to the body breathing, and then to awareness itself. This meditation is unique in that it doesn't try to stop thinking, but includes it as part of a vertical awareness of your whole being, here now.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2023-01-29 Q and A: meditation and memory, sadness in practice, dementia, and chronic illness. 18:15
Questions and Answers: 1)Why meditation can make your memory worse. 2) Why does practice create sadness sometimes? 3) Dementia and true nature. 4) Some reflections on chronic illness
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2022-12-24 Working with Thinking as a "Part" 13:16
Thinking itself is actually just a part, a protector part, and this meditation will help you have compassion for this part. The meditation will also give you insight into your thinking and what it's true purpose is. Knowing this will help you on the meditation cushion and in your daily life practice.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2022-12-22 Outside the Storm: A Meditation for working with Strong Emotions 9:14
Instead of trying to bring mindfulness to emotions from the inside out, this meditation will help you develop awareness of the calm outside of emotions (eg. the outside of the storm). Some people have found this tool to be very useful in decreasing anxiety, overwhelm, and fear.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2022-12-17 Kuan Yin Compassion Meditation 9:01
The first 3 minutes explains about Kuan Yin, and the practice of Compassion as a listening and bearing witness to suffering. Then there is a short and simple, 5 min Kuan Yin meditation, on listening with the ear of the heart.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2022-11-13 Self Forgiveness Meditation 9:14
This is a short, guided meditation exercise in extending forgiveness to a part of yourself. The meditation is designed for healing, and you can practice it as many times as needed, for different ages/parts of yourself.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio

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