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Amita Schmidt's Dharma Talks
Amita Schmidt
Amita Schmidt is a licensed clinical social worker with a focus on trauma and meditation. She was the resident teacher at Insight Meditation Society from 2000-2006. She is the author of "Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master." She also has practiced with Adyashanti, a teacher of non-dual awareness.
2019-10-19 Practices for Depression and Anxiety: Part 1 38:53
Depression and Anxiety: Practices for Buddhist Meditators, Part 1. (This is part 1 of 2 talks)
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2019-10-18 Depression, Anxiety, and The Four Noble Truths 29:05
Depression and Anxiety and the Four Noble truths. How depression or anxiety can assist in understanding the Four Noble Truths. Also Amita's personal journey and experiences in this regard.
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2019-06-13 The Gifts of Dipa Ma 38:34
This talk highlights four essential gifts that Dipa Ma Barua's life offers dharma practitioners today.  The talk also includes two recordings of Dipa Ma's chanting.
Tri State Dharma
2019-04-07 Amita's Personal Dharma Story of Healing Trauma 28:10
Yellow Springs Dharma Center
2019-01-01 Reset Your Nervous System Meditation 10:07
I learned this meditation in 2003 from Tibetan monk, Tsoknyi Rinpoche. He affectionately called it the “French Press” meditation because he wanted us to follow the exhale breath down into the belly in the same slow way the hand held coffee maker pushed the grinds to the bottom. Now somatic therapists and researchers know that a belly breath also connects with your vagal nerve, and you can reset your nervous system with just a few of these breaths. This meditation meditation combines breathing into the belly and grounding in stillness.
Yellow Springs Dharma Center
2018-11-03 Paradoxes in Practice 17:40
Exploring four paradoxes in practice; thoughts and stillness; effort and relaxed, the personal and the profound, right now and forever.
Tri State Dharma
2018-11-03 Twelve Steps and Dharma 22:29
12 Steps and the Dharma: Freedom from the Bondage of Self as it relates to Buddhism. Thoughts on addiction and no self.
Tri State Dharma
2018-11-02 Embodying Quiet 19:31
How to embody a deep quiet in your practice and your life. Ways to work with thoughts and find more stillness.
Southwest Sangha
2018-11-02 Monkey Mind Strategies 5:41
In answer to a question, this short piece describes a few strategies to work with monkey mind, from both the practical, to the emotional healing of the root cause.
Southwest Sangha
2018-10-28 Questions and Answers on Trauma, Love, and Rawness 6:54
Three Questions on Trauma, Love, and Rawness
Tri State Dharma

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