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Dharma Talks
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2017-11-05 Morning instructions: Samadhi And Sati 45:14
Jill Shepherd
Instructions and guided meditation exploring mindfulness of breathing, sounds, thoughts and choiceless awareness.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2017-10-16 Meditation: Breathing through the Heart 27:24
Pat Coffey
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2017 IMCW Fall Retreat: Intimacy with Life

2017-09-25 06 Guided meditation: mindfulness of the body, breathing, sounds etc 29:47
Jill Shepherd
Bringing awareness to the body, physical sensations, the breath, sounds and thoughts, ending with three questions
Te Moata Retreat Center :  Awakening our Natural Wisdom

2017-09-24 01 Instructions: beginning with mindfulness of the body and the breath, then opening to sounds 22:01
Greg Scharf
Beginning meditation instructions: mindfulness of the body, breathing, and sounds
Te Moata Retreat Center :  Awakening our Natural Wisdom

2017-09-09 Guided meditation: refining mindfulness of breathing, using mental noting 41:14
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with the instruction to calm the bodily formations, then refining attention on the specific characteristics of each breath
Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre Awakening our Natural Wisdom

2017-08-27 Second Morning Instructions: Challenges in Meditation and Guided Meditation-Whole Body Breathing 64:17
Susie Harrington
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Embodied Heart, Embodied Wisdom

2017-08-25 Guided Meditation - Breathing into the Present 44:54
Willa Thaniya Reid
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center Anapanasati: The Breath of Liberation

2017-06-14 Meditation: Homecoming to Our Life Breath 15:59
Tara Brach
Perhaps the most universal place to collect and deepen attention is the breath. This meditation begins with an intentional breath that calms the nervous system, and then opens to a clear, intimate presence with our natural breathing. With breath as our home base, we practice returning again and again when the mind becomes distracted. As presence grows, we can let the breath be in the foreground, and include whatever waves of life come and go. This brings a quiet mind, and a peaceful, happy heart.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2017-06-11 Early morning instructions: Guided Meditation ‘Awakened Repose’ 60:10
Ajahn Sucitto
Instructions for sitting and standing meditation are offered. In both, sensing ground, balancing of outer and inner forms, rhythmic flow of in and out breathing, allowing the beauty and intelligence of subtle forms to come forth.
Meditationszentrum Beatenberg The Wisdom of Embodiment

2017-06-11 Whole Body Breathing - - Guided Meditation Day 2 38:36
Nathan Glyde
SanghaSeva Opening to Awareness

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