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Ayya Medhanandi's Dharma Talks
Ayya Medhanandi
Ayyā Medhānandī Bhikkhunī, is the founder and guiding teacher of Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage, a Canadian forest monastery for women in the Theravāda tradition. The daughter of Eastern European refugees who emigrated to Montreal after World War II, she began a spiritual quest in childhood that led her to India, Burma, England, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and finally, back to Canada.
2011-04-30 Noble Friendship, Noble Warming 35:31
As we grow in wisdom, our fear of death dissolves. The more we purify from within, the more we abide with a clarity of mind that bestows the ultimate seeing, our cosmic ordination, our unburdening from the sufferings of this realm. The veil of delusion collapses in the sacred footprint of the Dhamma. This will be our noble warming.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Holistic Awareness: Monastic Retreat
2011-04-09 Nuclear Free 25:57
We have a nuclear reactor within us and a nuclear accident may be taking place inside right now. It’s urgent for us to understand how to heal and free ourselves from this toxicity, and from every form of violence. Meditate, live wisely, and practice kindness. Begin to reconcile the contamination in our minds with compassion, serenity and joy. What a magnificent offering of peace for our troubled world.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2010-12-17 Medicine Heart Metta: Guided Forgiveness 41:09
May you be well, happy, and peaceful. Learn how to connect with the radiant, loving energy in your heart. Dissolve your opinions and unwholesome attitudes and deepen a quintessential quality for the Path - forgiveness. It is the key to greater loving-kindness for all beings.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2010-01-01 Let E-go 23:51
Our Dhamma practice builds an inner refuge that we can truly trust and rely on - a steadying influence through life's challenges to help us meet them with greater wisdom, patience, and forgiveness.  In the monastic setting, a dual focus on Dhamma and Vinaya, the monastic code of discipline, further strengthen our ability to let go of ego within the seclusion and support of spiritual community.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-12-03 Beginners' Class - The Frontier of Intimacy 21:44
Sati Saraniya Hermitage :  Hospice Talks and Guided Meditations
2009-11-22 Baptism of Fire 17:47
Sometimes it takes an illness or a loss to wake up. The wheel of Dhamma turns us towards the centre point, where all the mind’s movements are stilled so that we can see the truth of suffering. Fear arises but we can observe it ceasing in the light of our inner spiritual work. Gently, patient and aware, with selflessness and noble intent, we persevere.
Toronto Theravada Buddhist Community (TBC)
2009-11-20 Noble Subtrefuge - Four Royal Efforts 32:57
How can we trick the mind out of its old habits? The Buddha emphasized the power of the four Right Efforts. These royal allies advance the mind to its highest potential, the supreme wisdom possible for a human being. We are here to work for and receive this, our rightful inheritance - awakening to the truth of the Dhamma through our own intuitive realizations.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-10-21 In the Boat of Myself - Guided Meditation 14:31
Sati Saraniya Hermitage :  Hospice Talks and Guided Meditations
2009-10-16 Empty of Fear 28:43
A dedication to a member of the community who is in the last stages of life. She struggles with breathing but is composed and at peace with the process. We are reminded how important it is to train the mind while we are able to do so. A talk given at Quaker House, Ottawa.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-08-21 Energy Audit 22:46
You can conduct an energy audit on the strength of your attention when you sit down to meditate. Notice if your attention is wavering and then patiently seal up the leaks so that your mind is no longer tempted by the world that the ego builds.  A talk given at Quaker House for the Ottawa Buddhist Society.
Ottawa Buddhist Society

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