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Ayya Medhanandi's Dharma Talks
Ayya Medhanandi
Ayyā Medhānandī Bhikkhunī, is the founder and guiding teacher of Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage, a Canadian forest monastery for women in the Theravāda tradition. The daughter of Eastern European refugees who emigrated to Montreal after World War II, she began a spiritual quest in childhood that led her to India, Burma, England, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and finally, back to Canada.
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2009-05-06 Just As We Are - Guided Meditation 10:39
Sati Saraniya Hermitage :  Hospice Talks and Guided Meditations
2009-04-04 Batik Buddha 38:54
Ayya Medhanandi reflects on the meaning of the different mudras or hand gestures used by the Buddha himself when he gave teachings.  Each represents an important quality for us to practise and develop such as fearlessness or compassion.  You can see these mudras that she describes on the batik cloth that was gifted to the Ottawa Buddhist Society at
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-03-19 Ice Melts 40:57
We can know freedom from suffering when the light of dhamma (or truth) arises. This illumination will melt the impurities formed by unwholesome mind states. Oh, what a freedom! A talk given during a 10 day Ottawa Buddhist Society retreat at the Sisters of St. Joseph Convent, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada in 2009.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-03-19 Ice Melts 28:52
Within us is the seed of awakening. And yet we are so blind. Can we free ourselves by seeing through clouds of delusion, greed and hatefulness? Do we have the resolve and patience to begin and the humility and forgiveness to keep going in hard times? Vigilance in ethical practice, unremitting mindfulness, inner stillness, and sharp discernment melt ignorance and purify the mind. Not only that – joyous and aware, we radiate a fearless unequivocal compassion. When the sun rises, darkness disappears. Just so, we emerge from our blindness, at peace with all conditions
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-03-18 Fierce Gifts 36:07
When life presents fearsome obstacles, be your own spiritual ally and turn those obstacles into windows that open to the depths of the heart. There, cultivating loving-kindness, compassion, radiant joy and the wisdom of discernment, behold the fierce gifts of the Dhamma that defy delusion and rescue us from the mire of every perceived burden.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-03-17 Niagara Falls 13:45
How can we sharpen awareness of thoughts that gush forth in the mind like Niagara Falls? Observe them gently, not clinging and with diligent focus. Our present moment awareness and unstoppable attention, when sustained inwardly, have the transformative power of a Niagara to cleanse the heart of all impurities. Therein is the path to freedom.
Ottawa Buddhist Society :  Pembroke Retreat
2009-03-16 Barefoot and Empty-handed 40:41
Developing awakened wisdom is an organic process, the unbinding of all problems that leads to indestructible peace and harmlessness. We undertake and persevere through training the mind so that we can renounce our attachments and stop the interior whirling of the world. No longer caught in its duality, we rest in knowing the liberating truth of this moment, cessation of suffering and a transcendent healing that takes us to the Deathless.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-03-16 Stay Tuned - Radiant Mind Untainted By Ego 26:45
We hear in the Udana, Verses of Uplift, about the Venerable Meghiya’s wish to practise in the beautiful Mango Grove before his mind was mature enough. Even when we are on retreat and conditions for practice seem perfect, hindrances plague the mind and overcome it with impurities. So we hold fast to the Buddha’s instructions to know for ourselves the radiance of mind that is untainted by ego.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2009-03-15 Through the Eye of the Needle 45:54
We may travel to the most beautiful setting, and yet if there is no silence on the inside, how can we find peace? But to empty and purify the mind, we enter a sacred space, and we taste only sacredness. We experience a dimension of being that is vast - without boundaries. Like pilgrims, we sit in awe at the wondrous quality of the silent heart. A talk given during a 10 day retreat at the Sisters of St Joseph Convent, Pembroke, Ontario.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2008-12-19 Solstice Heart 34:24
With the advent of the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year - comes the promise that the light will return. We can honour this principle in our practice by turning towards the light that is revealed in our own minds. The goodness and purity of this light can connect us to unconditional peace and love. A talk given at the Ottawa Buddhist Society in 2008.
Ottawa Buddhist Society

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