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Ayya Medhanandi's Dharma Talks
Ayya Medhanandi
Ayyā Medhānandī Bhikkhunī, is the founder and guiding teacher of Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage, a Canadian forest monastery for women in the Theravāda tradition. The daughter of Eastern European refugees who emigrated to Montreal after World War II, she began a spiritual quest in childhood that led her to India, Burma, England, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and finally, back to Canada.
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2021-12-12 On the Threshold of Pure Presence 14:54
The Dhamma summons us to let virtue be purified so that we can hasten to higher ground. What will give us peace in our suffering moments? What will calm the mind in all of life’s struggles? No one is immune. But having known a glimpse of pure presence, the heart follows that true way home, to the ending of pain, to the unexcelled bliss of its freedom.
Portland Friends of the Dhamma :  Full Catastrophe Compassion
2021-11-30 Patience is Love 25:50
Patience is love, a faith both fearless and true. How can we know and embody that? How can we value each moment and care for it, patiently turning the mind away from the world to the peace within us – to that raw dimension of a subtle and stunning silence? The less we cling, the deeper we enter it. Emboldened by formidable spiritual tests, as we abandon and purify the mind, the Path unfolds beneath our feet. With joy, wisdom, and gratitude, we persevere to the heart’s freedom – the Deathless.
Sati Saraniya Hermitage
2021-11-16 Alone With All the World 22:10
When we meditate, we are alone and yet with all the world. Thoughts intrude from all sides. But we remain secluded within, protected, serene. Gently we open the door to the heart with unassailable trust. We bend and bow silently, observing the breath with an empty mind. Then what’s the result of that? Giving our full attention to this moment, we are absolutely present, feeling every nuance of the ground beneath us or the pressure of each breath. Mindfulness deepens our awareness. Now we truly know the boundless peace of the mind's radiance.
Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto
2021-11-05 Unsurpassed Is the Protection of the Dhamma 22:59
Impermanence stares us in the face. How then can we free ourselves to understand the raw truth of what we are? There is a sorrowless state, a way out of the pains of life where we can abide in blameless happiness and inviolable peace. It may appear elusive and out of reach. Yet we need only incline our minds faithfully to giving up all that is false, divisive, fearful or fragile. We begin to know the joy that subdues all sorrow. One taste of that and we are on the Path, sheltered in the unsurpassed protection of the Dhamma.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2021-10-01 Never Turn Away from Truth 26:31
Compassion is a sublime, healing quality that restores us to goodwill, integrity, wisdom and equanimity. Not only do we repair the harm that we have caused, but we turn the wheel of Dhamma in this world. This can also serve as a catalyst for others to wake up from their misguided ways of living. We bear compassion for harm caused and we sow seeds of reconciliation even in the blindest or most cruel of beings, for "hatred is never resolved through hatred, but through love alone."
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2021-09-26 Dedicate Everyday to Someone 40:08
Are we able to dedicate our goodness and our practice for the welfare of others? COVID teaches us that if we are not healthy, others are affected, and if the world is not well, then we will also suffer – because we are all connected. We are wise to seek the inexhaustible well-spring of peace in our hearts – to be uplifted and to freely share that. Far beyond physical health, we can find that peace within our reach if we care for the mind. That will be our spiritual recovery
Toronto Theravada Buddhist Community (TBC)
2021-08-28 Who Do You Think You Are? 21:45
Not-clinging spreads very fast, very far. Its fuel power is letting go attachment to ‘self’; to selfishness and the inversion of the mind into a cocoon of self-concern – which is spiritual death. There’s no truth in that. Aren’t we all drowning – metaphorically? Not thinking of ourselves, the moment we jump into the river to rescue someone, we begin to wake up. Who can do that? We must help each other. But first we practice and gain strength to traverse the rapids and the mire of this conflicted, misguided world. Destination – directly knowing what we truly are – and are not.
Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)
2021-08-26 So Help Me Dhamma 31:54
As long as delusion prevails, we are in danger and our happiness is very limited. Beyond its veil, immeasurable riches await us. Four ways to focus our samadhi power help us to clear away the interior cobwebs and tame our mental turbulence into a beautiful mind. With an intention of absolute kindness, we see and know the causes of our suffering and the pathway out of it, steering our attention to pure presence and the crowning moment of the heart’s freedom.
Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)
2021-08-24 Chrysalis of the Monarch 15:15
We are searching for the Unconditioned and the way to discover it is by fulfilling our highest potential: complete transformation from human being to spiritual being. Our journey of awakening simulates the monarch butterfly's miraculous flight. Freed from its chrysalis, it emerges whole and ready to traverse unimaginable distances. Just so, the liberated mind is freed from the mire of delusion to transcend the imperfections of this realm. It flies beyond ignorance to touch the Dhamma and know the fullness of our humanity.
Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)
2021-08-24 Unexpected Treasure 19:34
Deep in the space of our hearts there is a sanctity unreachable by any vehicle other than wisdom. We travel there silently to explore the galaxies that lie within us. Until we try, we can’t know the wonders of that dimension. Yet we touch this sanctity by parenting the mind with pure intention, humility, uncompromising awareness and trust. The mind gains balance and poise on the Middle Way enough to pierce the veil of delusion. We dive beyond the turbulence of panic and fear to a vast stillness, free and at peace. How long have we ignored this possibility – so priceless, and yet, costing absolutely everything?
Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)

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