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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks
2023-07-12 Becoming Alive Again ~ Stepping out of the hamster wheel of repetition 53:36
Ayya Santacitta
Short Reflection & Guided Meditation | Wednesday-Mornings | 8
Aloka Earth Room

2023-07-12 Talk #6: The Second Tetrad 50:49
Sayadaw U Jagara
The objctive of the Second Tetrad is discussed in a broad framework - with doctrine readings and humor-filled anecdotes - to inspire us to reflect on our life's objective.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge July, 2023

2023-07-12 Guided Naikan Reflections, followed by guided Energy Body Practice 39:39
Victor von der Heyde
Australian Insight Meditation Network Seeing That Frees

2023-07-12 Cultivating Wise Speech 1 61:53
Donald Rothberg
We look first at the importance of wise speech, the way that it forms an integral part of the path of awakening, the way that it is often underdeveloped in Western Buddhist practice, for various reasons, and some of the challenges of speech. We then examine three aspects of wise speech practice: (1) developing presence in the midst of communication; (2) working with the four guidelines for skillful speech developed by the Buddha; and (3) integrating our practice to be mindful and skillful with thoughts, emotions, and body states with our speech practice. The talk is followed by discussion, focused especially on some challenging relational and speech situations.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2023-07-12 Alms and Food Offering 7:48
Laura Bridgman
Ajahn Laura describes the form, process and dynamic of offering alms.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness

2023-07-12 Unselfish Joy and Naikan Practice 16:33
Victor von der Heyde
A brief overview of the cultivation of unselfish joy and an introduction to Naikan practice. There was about 25 minutes of Q and A taken out from the Naikan section, but what's left still gives a fair overview.
Australian Insight Meditation Network Seeing That Frees

2023-07-12 Morning Reflections #10: Sukka (Step 6) 39:49
Sayadaw U Jagara
Reflections on two sources of sukka: the object and the body. Three signs for the quality of observation for sukkha: sign of effort, sign of samadhi, sign of equanimity. ( AN:3,102)
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge July, 2023

2023-07-12 Morning instructions 48:57
Yuka Nakamura
Settling in and gathering the mind. Mindfulness of body and breathing.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Cultivation – Investigation – Contemplation

2023-07-12 Responding to the call of spirit, of faith 60:20
Ajahn Sucitto
We use our practice for understanding the direct and intimate experience. This experience cannot be predicted, imposed or demanded, but it arises, offering itself for our careful attention.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness

2023-07-11 Steps towards an Enchanted World View 28:35
Victor von der Heyde
Exploring some of the possibilities when there's less clinging to a materialist world view
Australian Insight Meditation Network Seeing That Frees

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