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Dharma Talks
2019-11-20 Meditation: Coming Home to Natural Presence 20:56
  Tara Brach
This meditation awakens our senses through a body scan and listening to sound, and then invites us to rest in the presence that spontaneously knows the changing stream of experience. Relaxing back and letting everything be just as it is, reveals the natural presence that is our true home.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2019-11-20 Seeing Reality 32:48
  Ajahn Punnadhammo
Arrow River Forest Hermitage

2019-11-19 Samadhi - Concentration 54:22
  Winnie Nazarko
This talk discusses the role of concentration in meditation, and how to skillfully cultivate it
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2019-11-19 Guided Metta meditation 51:36
  Caroline Jones
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge November 2019 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2019-11-18 Javana Hamsa - The Swift Swan 56:13
  Greg Scharf
This talk uses an interpretation of a Jataka Story as an introduction to the reflection on opening to impermanence on the path of awakening.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2019-11-18 Monday Night Dharma Talk 69:42
  Amma Thanasanti
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2019-11-18 Day 6: Conventional and Liberating Truths (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 44:26
  Brian Lesage
This talk explores the two truths doctrine of Nagarjuna in a way that makes it relevant for our lives and our practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center APP2 Retreat #2: Emptiness

2019-11-17 Complete Balance ~ Complete Contact 38:51
  Ayya Santacitta
San Francisco Dharma Collective
Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery

2019-11-17 Seven Factors Of Awakening 45:39
  Beth Sternlieb
The moonlight of awakening shinning through as we let go of clinging
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2019-11-17 Walking the Path of Dhamma 34:06
  Ajahn Punnadhammo
Arrow River Forest Hermitage

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