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Dharma Talks
2019-02-05 Engaged Buddhism 2:08:27
Meditation instructions are sometimes misinterpreted to imply that one should disengage from activity and suspend all judgment. Buddhist advice on “letting go” can be misunderstood to suggest that problems in the world can or should be ignored. Yet the Pali canon shows that the Buddha taught practical social and economic remedies, and urged monks to travel so they could benefit the largest number of people. Thích Nhất Hạnh coined the term “engaged Buddhism” to describe efforts to respond to the suffering in his country during the Vietnam war, work he saw as part of meditation and mindfulness practice rather than something apart from it. In this series, some local “engaged Buddhists” will share how they personally apply Buddhist wisdom to engage with the suffering around us, in areas such as social action, prison ministry, and environmentalism.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley

2019-02-04 Desire And Its End. 58:48
  Joseph Goldstein
Exploring two kinds of craving - for sense pleasures and for becoming.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center The Path to Awakening: Insight Meditation Retreat

2019-02-04 Wise Concentration 1:13:55
  Marcia Rose
A broad and detailed overview of the teachings and the practice for developing Samatha/Concentration. Exploring the process and the fruits of developing the mind through cultivating concentration.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge February 2019 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2019-02-04 Sustaining the Heart: Energy on the Spiritual Path 57:30
  Oren Jay Sofer
(Part 2) This Monday Night Dharma Talk explores the role of energy on the path as well as in our daily lives. In what ways do we waste energy? How do we cultivate and sustain energy? And how we can learn how to steward energy more wisely?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2019-02-04 Cultivating Mindfulness of Mental States 30:41
  Chris Cullen
Gaia House Origins and Applications of Mindfulness - MBCT MBSR Foundations

2019-02-04 Guided Meditation 63:24
  Bart van Melik
Playful mindfulness of sensations.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center The Path to Awakening: Insight Meditation Retreat

2019-02-04 Day 2 Morning Sit w/ Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:33
  James Baraz
Includes device renunciation
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Monthlong

2019-02-04 A Venn Diagram of Practice(Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:33
  Sally Clough Armstrong
As we begin the journey of a long retreat, it is helpful to consider different ways to frame our practice .I offered an overview with a diagram that depicted this, and how we might talk about our practice in meetings with teachers. This begins with the biggest frame - wise attitude or wise view, supported by our intentions and aspirations. the next frame is continuity of mindfulness that supports whatever practice or technique we might be cultivating.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Monthlong

2019-02-03 Retreat Opening - Reflections on mindfulness and clear comprehension. 49:58
  Bonnie Duran
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center The Path to Awakening: Insight Meditation Retreat

2019-02-03 Five Spiritual Faculties (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 64:41
  James Baraz
The list of the Five spiritual Faculties - Faith, Energy, Mindfulness, Concentration and Wisdom - is a helpful way to understand the unfolding of practice. Each of these are important issues of practice and each can be seen to build on the next for the full flowering of the awakened heart/mind.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Monthlong

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